Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bigfella is a future Chicago-style voter

Spring in Smallcity means two things: fresh strawberries and local elections. I'll start with the elections.

We elected city council and school board today. Bigfella came with me while I voted. We got to the polling place and "met" two city council candidates. Our polling place is an elementary school, and I got to double-whammy and be extra-efficient because I picked up a print of a "Good Night Moon" illustration from a fellow freecycler who works there. So, after getting pats and kisses from the politicians (yes, they really do kiss babies) while Mommy made sure to tell them that we will be leaving RedState as soon as we can due to the horrible laws and policies, we went into the polling place. I gave them my name, and from the other table, I hear a high pitched squeal,

"Oh my God! That's the famous Bigfella."

I turn and see a particularly queeny young man sitting behind me. I must have looked a little confused and worried because he quickly reassured me, "I'm a friend of Gayboy's. He told me all about you and Dyke Two and Bigfella." Bigfella is famous. A rockstar, I tell you.

I voted: two dems for city council, one incumbent and two newbies for school board. I got my "I voted" sticker. Bigfella got a "future voter" sticker and I chickened out and told the elderly poll worker that Bigfella's "father" was 6'6". (why does this question continue to catch me off guard? and, what motivates my sometimes reluctance to "out" our family to certain random strangers but not others?)

Later today, Dyke Two called me and said that she was in front of the polling place, chatting with one of the school board candidates.

"Please bring Bigfella over here so I can take him to vote."

Back to the polling place, where Bigfella was kissed and patted by two school board candidates and the sheriff. Then, he went and voted, again. My family's communist, labor union heritage is showing: vote early and often.

We headed home, where we finally did a little research to determine what we might be able to do about Bigfella's eczema. His eczema is not bad, don't get me wrong. He has patches of dry red skin on his elbows, and dry skin on his shoulder blades. But, in trying to determine what skin care products to give him, I stumbled on something that suggested that fresh strawberries are a common culprit in breastfed babies' eczema.

Which brings us to the second thing spring brings in Smallcity. I have been eating fresh strawberries like they're going out of style. And, Bigfella has had eczema since I started eating them. The other diet changes since the start of the eczema: crystal light type drinks sweetened with Splenda and Kashi Healthy Hearts cereal.

I think it is the strawberries....


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