Thursday, April 20, 2006

Welcome to the world, baby girl...

Bigfella is no longer the baby of the family. Joining him on the planet is Smallcousin, born this afternoon via c-section, weighing in at 7 pounds and change. I have my issues with why she was born via c-section, but since her mother isn't upset, I need to get off my soapbox and just be happy.

Smallcousin is the second child born to my stepsister and her husband. Their first was born via surrogate two years ago. Smallcousin is named after the surrogate who carried Drooly, her older brother. Smallcousin was a complete and total surprise since my stepsister was told she would never get pregnant, even with assistance.

The beauty of the whole experience was that when the new parents arrived in Labor and Delivery this morning, they learned that the OB on call was the doctor who originally worked with them before referring them to their RE all those years ago. He was honored to be part of Smallcousin's birth, and they were thrilled to have the same doctor who started their journey be there as their journey to parenthood ended.


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