Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Dr Crazyman Revisited

I went back to Dr. Crazyman yesterday for a follow up neurology appointment. We checked my depth perception and acuity, which were both back to normal. (Acuity had never changed). Then he did his whole shebang with lights and lasers and dilated pupils. I could actually see the lights this time, while last time I had a massive blindspot. Everything was back to normal. He sent me home with a final diagnosis of "pregnancy induced paralysis of the 6th cranial nerve." I don't need to see him again, ever, unless the headaches and/or double vision return.

I am thrilled that everything checked out well, since I have been very worried that it was some sort of viral reaction, and that Bigfella might have lingering side effects, but the doctor told me that is very unlikely.

This was also the first time I left Bigfella. I was gone for about 2 and a half hours. Dyke Two had Bigfella at home. She gave him a bottle, stripped him down to his diaper and t-shirt, and spent a lot of time bouncing him and singing to him. They were fine. I, however, was a little bit neurotic. She had told me to go to a coffeeshop and read the paper and drink a latte. I finished with the doctor, and immediately raced home. I justified it as needing to pump, but in reality, I felt like I was missing a part of myself since Bigfella was so far away from me.


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