Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dual, and conflicting, diagnoses

Bigfella and I both went to the doctor yesterday, and we both received confirmation of what we already suspected.

For me: I have gallstones. Thankfully, the ultrasound also confirmed that my other organs are all good, and that the gallstones are not causing infection or inflammation. Doctor's orders: refrain from eating dairy and other fatty foods while on two week vacation with parents (that's a whole nother entry) and meet with surgeon upon return.

For Bigfella: After two moms, two dirty diapers and a freakishly large three month old arrived in the doctor's office, Bigfella immediately added a third dirty diaper to the collection in ziploc bags. Diaper number 2 (from 11 am yesterday morning) was swabbed for a fecal occult test. It confirmed that Bigfella was in fact, pooping blood, and not bits of strawberry pancakes or cherry tylenol as some well-meaning folks had suggested. (as an aside, how would strawberry pancakes get into Bigfella's diaper? who feeds a 3 month old strawberry pancakes? or pancakes of any sort for that matter? Whose breastmilk is strawberry flavored?--though, given the amount of Strawberry Quik, strawberry ice cream and strawberry soda I consumed in the first trimester, if anyone's could, it would be mine. but, I digress...) Diaper number 3 was cultured, and we should get the results Thursday to rule out a viral or bacterial infection. The doctor also confirmed that Bigfella had eczema, congestion, a red bumhole, and diaper rash. He agrees with us that a food allergy is the likely culprit. He agreed with me that a food journal for the next month is a good idea. He even agreed that, given the timing of when I cut out dairy and added soymilk to treat my gallstones (see above), the likely food allergy is soy.

So, therein lies the conflict. Bigfella is making his 20-year vegetarian mother decide between her own health (the soymilk and soy proteins that I am using to reduce the fat in my diet) or his health (the dairy that makes me sick, but apparently keeps him healthier than the alternative). So, as we begin a month of anal retentive recordkeeping of my food, detergents and soaps, his skin, and his diapers, we also begin a two week visit with family, a wedding and a college reunion. I have read way too much about food allergies to feel comfortable just eating freely for the next few weeks. My mom convinced me to start eating chicken for the next few weeks. I do need protein, and my favorite protein sources are dairy, eggs, tofu and peanuts. There are only so many beans/rice meals i can eat. Especially if they can't be topped with cheese and sour cream. Today has been a long and emotional day for the residents of the ark.

Oh, yeah. The ped also confirmed something else we already knew: Bigfella really is freakishly large. 17 pounds, 9 ounces at 3 months.


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